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Saturday, January 08, 2011
Water Expo Chennai March 16- 18, 2011


Water Expo Chennai, India 2011 March 16- 18


We will be participating in the Water Expo in Chennai, the de facto water capital of India with a US$8billion market and annual growth of 10-12%. It is going to be our launching pad into the South Asia and Middle East markets for our innovative water reuse, zero liquid discharge (ZLD) and desalination processes.   

Aquavive’s push into the region is an exciting development which culminates from several marketing forays there since 2004, including exhibiting at Water Asia, New Delhi, being part of the Canadian delegation at the 11th Canada-India Technical Summit and Singapore International Water Week 2010.

We will be vigorously promoting our Trigen R16 Sustainable Living Solution which provides water and energy security to challenged communities at net zero cost. Utility operators will enjoy high ROI from sales of valuable by products extracted from biomass feedstock which can fund similar projects as part of a “virtuous cycle”.


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