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Director and Chief Executive Officer

A seasoned entrepreneur with three decades of hands on corporate management experience mainly in manufacturing, channel distribution and project management. Peter managed two chemical manufacturing plants in ASEAN in a joint venture with Tokyo listed Dai Nippon Toryo with annual revenues of USD 50 million and facilitated construction of the USD 430 million Mobil petrochemical complex  in Indonesia. Hailing from Singapore, Peter has an intimate grasp of market dynamics and geopolitical sensitivities in the Asian region. In 1992, Peter moved to British Columbia, Canada and has since acquired a complementary level of North American business expertise through involvement in the management of several public listed and privately owned enterprises. He has also devoted considerable energy to the development of water and wastewater treatment technologies.


Chief Financial Officer

Derek Darling was in public practice as a Chartered Accountant for 13 years in Canada before entering into business. Since then he has owned and managed several manufacturing and distribution businesses in high performance polymer coatings and the health industry. He has also been consultant to several educational institutions and professional bodies. Derek Darling is passionate about the environment and is an advocate for green sustainable community development.  


Chief Technical Officer 

Joe Zhao is an acknowledged expert in pulp and paper chemistries with 18 years of research in clean development mechanisms (CDM), fibre flocculation, twin-wire sheet forming, retention and formation aids and wastewater treatment processes.  

 A former adjunct professor with the University of British Columbia, Joe developed the PolyWeb™ technology platform in collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada and is responsible for the basic research and design of the present suite of MicroWeb™ wastewater treatment processes.

Dr. Joe Zhao obtained his doctorate in Chemical Engineering from Oxford University and is a member of the Society of Rheology (USA) and Canadian Pulp and Paper Association (CPPA). He is the principal scientist at the technology development center under Tri-Y Enterprises Ltd and a shareholder and director of Re Water Solutions Inc.




David D. Rendina        

David is a nanotech entrepreneur with over 20 years of management experience.  He is familiar with all aspects of capital formation, intellectual property rights, and business development required in the production and commercialization of advanced materials. He is on the Board of Directors of several public listed entities in the United States and is the CEO of Refinery Science Corporation, a New Mexico USA based pioneer in advanced heavy crude catalytic upgrader technology.


Dr. Michael Easton

Dr. Easton earned his Ph.D. in the field of ecological genetics from the University of Liverpool (1975) in England. Through his company International EcoGen Inc., he has helped develop a new genetic diagnostic technology that is a very sensitive indicator of DNA damage in vertebrate animals (including humans). He has worked with researchers in universities, government agencies, environmental foundations, First Nations groups and industry to bring genetic insights to environmental projects in ecotoxicology. Dr. Easton has examined the genetic effects of pulp mill effluent, mercury, chromium, iron, pesticides, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and unknown contaminants on a wide range of fish and bird species and some mammals. He has published numerous peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals and has had significant media exposure on account of the high profile nature of some of his research. Dr. Easton has developed a strong interest in the contamination of biological food chains and has become internationally known for his study on contaminants in farmed salmon and their potential effects on humans, particularly women of child-bearing age. As an offshoot of his interest in the contamination of biological food chains, he has consulted for aboriginal groups that have the potential to be impacted by improper processes of solid and liquid waste management from large urban centres. Because of client needs, he is currently also investigating the practicality of technical solutions to the problems at hand. This process is done as a team effort in association with an innovative group of environmental and design engineers from Clean Energy Combustion. He is currently involved in using his genetic technology to determine the effectiveness of pollution control and clean up methods for new technologies. He believes that prevention of contamination in the first place is part of the solution to achieving good environmental stewardship.

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